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Business Mirror Articles

Business Mirror Articles ( 496 Documents )

BDB Law's "Tax Law for Business" is a column which appears in the opinion section of Business Mirror every Thursday.

The articles highlight the most significant developments in Taxation as a result of amendments in the law and new issuances from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and other administrative agencies. It also headlines recent pronouncements of the courts and quasi-judicial bodies involving tax and corporate matters.

Court Case Digest

Court Case Digest ( 120 Documents )

As one of the sources of rules in tax and corporate practice, BDB Law lays emphasis in keeping clients and the public in general acquainted with the most recent legal pronouncements of the Supreme Court and the Court of Tax Appeals.

Tax Updates

Tax Updates ( 151 Documents )

A compilation of recent legislation and issuances of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other government agencies relevant to the field of taxation and corporate practice.

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