Tuesday February 20 , 2018

Our International Affiliation

BDB Law is a member firm of WTS Global, a global network of advisory firms focused on three major areas of specialization - TAX, LEGAL and CONSULTING services. It has its Headquarters in Munich, Germany and is represented in about 100 countries by independent member firms and selected cooperation partners. WTS Global does not render financial audits and, therefore, it is not subject to conflict checks required of auditing firms.

The Benefits of Working with WTS Global

• Excellence
The expertise and the high quality of standards of each firm's personnel yield a consistent level of excellence and outstanding client service.

• Global team
WTS Global acts as a global well-coordinated and organized team with each member knowing immediately who to contact in another country, thereby securing cost efficiency and responsiveness.

• One point of contact
Clients have one point of contact who knows their business as well as their expectations and needs. Such point of contact efficiently coordinates the tailor-made international project team.

• Harmonized solutions
WTS Global has highly-experienced project managers providing our clients with harmonized solutions for any jurisdiction.

• Cross-border solutions
WTS Global makes it possible to present fast and consistent cross-border solutions to our clients.