Saturday February 24 , 2018

Tax Compliance

Taxpayers commit mistakes in preparing and filing their tax returns and in preserving the required documentations. These mistakes often lead to deficiency assessments, interests and surcharges, even for unintentional mistakes or erroneous interpretation or understanding of the law. These unnecessary costs can be avoided though the assistance of tax professionals.

How can we help?

Tax Audit Review

We conduct tax audit review to evaluate your level of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, advise you on procedures and practices that may not be proper for tax purposes and provide recommendations on possible improvements of tax practices.

Tax Returns Preparation and Filing

We can assist you in the preparation and/or review of tax returns that may include, among others, quarterly and annual income taxes, value-added tax and other percentage taxes, fringe benefits tax, withholding taxes and documentary stamp tax, based on information that you provide to us.