Saturday February 24 , 2018

Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

Every corporate transaction demands the right structure to deliver value to the stakeholders and convince the regulatory authorities that the deal is a bona fide business transaction. The finance, tax, employment and other business functions must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the deal. When going through a merger, making an acquisition, disposing of a business, or undertaking other modes of corporate reorganization, the actual transaction tax costs and the long term sustainable tax impact following the transaction are often part of the overall consideration. This requires tax planning at the early stage to add significant value to the transaction.

How can we help?

Advisory Services on Mergers, Acquisitions and other Corporate Restructuring

We provide you advisory services on the ramifications of the restructuring, mergers or acquisitions, both from a fiscal and regulatory point of view. Our assistance includes assessing and managing acquisition and merger risks, structuring acquisitions and mergers to achieve the optimum benefits and in ensuring tax efficient deal structure.

Contract Review

We assist you in the drafting and review of transaction documentation to ensure that you realize the tax savings and are protected from tax risks and exposures. Such documentation includes merger agreements, share and asset purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, financing agreements, offer documents, prospectuses, and employee retention arrangements.

Securing Approvals and Licenses

We assist you in implementing and securing the required government approvals, clearances, rulings and payments of taxes which are necessary or part of the steps in undertaking the mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and other corporate reorganization.