Saturday February 24 , 2018

Corporate Services

Knowing which kind of business entity to form in the Philippines is critical as this may have repercussions when starting and operating your business and in planning your exit strategy. The common types of organization for which foreign entities may register their presence in the Philippines may be in the form of:

• Domestic Corporations (with or without limitation on foreign ownership)
• Regular Branch Office
• Regional Operating Headquarters
• Regional Headquarters
• Representative Office

How can we help?

Registration of new entities

We advise you on the appropriate type of entity that is suited to you or your objectives, from an investment and regulatory point of view. We also assist you in the registration of your business as well as in securing the necessary approvals from the various government regulatory agencies.

Renewal of Business Permits

Just as compliance with registration requirements for new business is important, renewal of business license is equally significant. We assist you in the yearly renewal of your business permits and licenses, payment of local taxes in relation to the renewal, and in transferring your business registration to another LGU and BIR district.

Corporate Secretarial Services

The Corporation Code of the Philippines requires corporations to appoint a corporate secretary. We provide a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services and we can act as your corporate secretary to handle statutory compliance matters.


In case you plan to cease operations completely or temporarily, we render advisory services with respect to the appropriate mode of implementing the cessation of business. We can assist you in the retirement of business with the different government agencies, including securing tax clearance from the BIR, securing approval of the SEC and retiring the business with the LGU.