Saturday February 24 , 2018

Tax Advisory and Tax Planning

Tax Advisory and Tax Planning

Every transaction has its own tax implications. And because of the high cost of non-compliance with tax laws, taxpayers should be prudent by taking the necessary guidance or advice before proceeding with a new venture, product or transaction.
New transactions may likewise offer new opportunities for tax savings. Understanding its implications, identifying alternative options, restructuring the transaction to achieve the most efficient tax results can be best achieved through the guidance of tax practitioners.

How can we help?

Tax Opinions

We provide you advice on the tax implications of the transactions (including review of contracts) that you propose to undertake or that you have already undertaken, based on applicable laws, regulations, court decisions, rulings and other issuances.

Tax Planning

We help you maximize your tax position by identifying improvements for tax efficiency relative to the way you structure and conduct your business operations and transactions, taking into consideration your overall objectives.

Requests for Rulings

Requests for rulings are generally optional but are mandatory in certain transactions. We research, prepare and file, for and on your behalf, requests for clarificatory or confirmatory rulings as guidance for the proper tax treatment of your transactions.

Retainership Arrangement

We are available to render consultation and advise you on tax issues that need quick response and do not require the conduct of extensive research and studies.

Other tax assistance

We can assist you in:

• securing Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) from the BIR for property transfers
• transfer of tax credit certificates
• other required compliance with applicable tax laws or regulations not include in this list