Saturday January 20 , 2018
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Welcome to Du-Baladad and Associates

Dynamism, coupled with their expertise and long years of experience in the field of taxation and corporate law, prompted Benedicta Du-Baladad and Fulvio D. Dawilan to establish Du-Baladad and Associates, or BDB Law. BDB Law is a growing medium-sized firm that provides competent legal representation and exceptional service in the areas of taxation and corporate law to its wide array of clients.

BDB Law’s associates are equipped with extensive training and experience in handling tax controversies before the Court of Tax Appeals, the regular courts, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the Department of Finance. They are highly competent in providing tax and corporate advisory services to the firm’s multi-sectoral clients and assisting them as they work to achieve complex legal, business and financial goals.

The firm is dedicated to ensuring responsive, and high-quality service that is delivered with the strict adherence to the highest ethical standards.

BDB Law takes pride in its commitment to balance both the interests of its clients and that of the community.

We welcome you to our website. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

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CEO Corner



Last October 2016, I attended the WTS Annual Conference held in Budapest, Hungary. This is a time to get updated with the network, plan the future, and a time to meet old and new faces. Every year, I meet new faces from an expanding network, some members are dropped but more are added, stronger, and more capable with a wider network and influence. Significant this year is the addition of LATAXNET, a network of tax law firms in 19 countries in Latin America.

Among matters discussed in that Conference are evolving issues arising from the implementation of BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting). One of them is the varying tax treatment, handling and determination of Permanent Establishment (PE) by different countries that is posing a serious challenge to multinationals, practitioners and tax administrators. WTS released a comparative study of the tax treatment of PE in different countries worldwide and it shows that there is no single harmonized treatment of PE.

Also, transfer pricing (TP), which remains to be a favorite international tax issue, and is also linked with BEPS, was the subject of technical sessions aimed to attune and strengthen the network’s capability to handle multinational requirements for transfer pricing work involving various countries. In line with this, BDB Law will be cross-posting one of its Senior Associates to Munich, Germany in June to hone the local firm’s capability to handle transfer pricing engagements under a more synchronized and holistic set-up. Locally, we also note an increasing interest for transfer pricing work, perhaps in preparation for the full implementation of the TP regulations by the tax bureau.

In the country, tax reform will be the biggest and hottest issue this year. As proposed by the Department of Finance (DOF), the tax reform will be in 4 phases – personal income tax, corporate income tax, real property taxes and capital taxes. Each phase is designed to be revenue neutral, if not revenue gain. New tax measures will be introduced where losses are expected.

Phase 1, on individual income tax, will be restructured lowering the rate for low and middle income but at the same time increasing the tax rate for the higher income group. VAT will be recalibrated to remove all exemptions except on raw food, health and education. Excise tax on fuel will be indexed to current prices.

With a tight timeframe to pass Phase 1 by mid of this year, BDB Law will find ways to ensure proper representation and participation in the crafting of this important bill to voice out the plea of taxpayers and businessmen for a fair and simple taxation. Together with the Financial Executives of the Philippines (FINEX), a premiere organization of financial experts in the country of which I am the elected President this year, we shall be actively participating in discussions and public hearings to contribute in having a tax system that is equitable, progressive, clear and simple.

January 6, 2017

Dick Du-Baladad
Managing Partner and CEO

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